Run Away With The Circus

Summer, 2019

The Clon Bike Circus has openings for four bike enthusiasts to become apprentice bike mechanics this summer beginning on Monday, July 15th. The program is four weeks long, twenty-five hours each week, and covers all aspects of basic bicycle maintenance and repair. Each student will learn:

  • Bicycle nomenclature and set-up
  • Shop safety & etiquette
  • Use of primary bicycle tools – Tool care
  • Clean, wipe-down, & ‘M Check’ a bicycle
  • Puncture repair & tyre mounting
  • Bicycle cleaning & lubrication
  • Brake maintenance & repair
  • Derailleur maintenance & repair
  • Chain cleaning, testing, removal, & replacement
  • Bearing cleaning & replacement

There is no tuition charge, but each student will be responsible for her/his own room and board. Each student will be offered use of a Clonakilty Hire Scheme bike during the program. Campground accommodation is available at nearby Camus Farm, cycling distance from our workshop, and elsewhere.

Clonakilty residents may take the same course of instruction over as much as a year, completing each instructional segment as it is offered and fulfilling the requirement of 100 hours hands-on bike repair during the same period. To take advantage of this program applicant should arrange a schedule with the Bike Circus before commencing the course of study.

The Clonakilty Bike Circus is a membership public workshop. Its daily responsibility is maintaining the rental fleet of the Clon Bike Hire Scheme, a non-profit, all-volunteer pubic bike rental system. Jack, its chief mechanic and instructor has more than fifty years’ experience working on bikes. He is a retired professor from the University of San Diego and a lifelong cyclist.

During their free time students are invited to work on their own bikes or, if they like, enter the Bike Circus’ VolksBike Contest with a potential of winning €500 at the 2020 Clonakilty Bicycle Festival. (Details available on request.)

Apprenticeships are open to anyone sixteen years of age or older. Under sixteens will be considered if sincere and responsible. The first program commences on Monday, July 15, 2019. For further information, contact Jack at