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Mission Statement:

Clonakilty Bike Circus is a community-run and not-for-profit bicycle workshop which exists to educate and empower local members to learn to mend and build their own bicycles, making use of the workshop’s tool bank, spare parts library (purchased by donation) and facilitators’ training and help.

We are not a bike shop. We won’t fix your bike, we will help YOU to fix your bike!

We are an organisation born out of the annual Clonakilty Bicycle Festival, and believe that having a shared resource of tools and information for our members will result in a safer, cleaner and more bike-friendly town. We strongly support our local bike shops and will always send our members in their direction to purchase new parts. We also exist to advocate for safer cycling infrastructure and make bicycles safe and affordable.

To join the Clonakilty Bike Circus, annual membership fee is €10 for students and unemployed/ €20 for adults in employment. Yearly subscription affords members access to the tools and expertise of our mechanics, access to the frame and parts library (by donation), and a storage space for their bike project (€5/week)

Alternatively, drop-in membership is €5/session.

Our values:

  • Community
  • Inclusivity
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Self reliance
  • Sustainability
  • Health, freedom and a love of cycling!


How to become a Member

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