Global Photo Scavenger Hunt June 3rd – 7th 2020

Thank you for booking – the photo hunt is on!

We have a great gang and are looking forward to seeing your photos ! Below is your hunt list and point value for each one.

If you haven’t registered your team – make sure you do via this link

Rules of play : Each photo should have at least half of your team and bikes unless otherwise indicated. Please post a couple of photos each day you are out ‘scavenging’ on our facebook page (, include your team name, photo ‘item’ name and #bikelife #clonbikefest2020 #globalscavengerhunt in the caption – you do not need to post every photo, but if you want to please do! We would especially love to have the ‘date specific’ photos on our facebook as they are part of other events. Also please post your team name & running score on our facebook page each day with the same hashtags so we can keep competition hot! Be creative – all items open to your interpretation!

Post your final total on facebook total by Sunday at 3pm – the top 3 teams will submit their lists and have photos double checked – a winner will be declared at Sunday 8pm on Facebook live where we will ‘present’ the prize hamper of bike-y goodness! We are including Liz Canning’s ‘COVIDeography’ project as an item on the list – find out more on Happy Biking!

Photo to ‘find’ : / Point Value
A famous monument or statue 2
A picnic 4
A body of water 4
In front of a beautiful tree 3
A post office 2
A farm animal 3
Someone holding a bicycle over their head 2
A Team photo (entire team in this photo please!) 3
Your town ‘welcome to’ sign or area name sign 3
Lots of fruit & vegetables 3
Musical instruments 2
A traffic sign 1
With someone official in uniform 4
A bakery 2
A tractor 2
A tall tower 2
A bookshop 3
A church 2
Eating ice cream 1
A fire station 2
A construction site 2
With a hill in the background 3
Dressed to match your bike 4
Wearing funny hats 2
A main street 2
Your favourite bike shop 3
With umbrellas 2
A fountain 2
A playground 2
A bus 3
A woodland 2
From a distance – on top of a hill 4
Sunset/Sunrise 4
Date Specific Photos :

Wednesday – In fancy dress on bikes (+ #worldbikeday) 4
Thursday – Watching ‘MotherLoad’ our movie night film
(no bikes needed in this shot!) (+ #motherloadmovie)
Friday – A wild camp cook-out dinner
(+ #cyclecookoutchallenge)
Saturday – A DIY bicycle obstacle course
(+ #minibikehullabuloo)
Take part in the #bikethepandemic project : Capture some of your scavenger hunt experience or film team members talking about how bikes have been a part of your lock-down – submit to Liz Canning (Director of Motherload our Thursday film’s) see all details and submit via: This will be put together into a real documentary film – help us put Clonakilty and Ireland on the global cycling map! 2

Total possible score : 101!

Your final score: ______________

Thanks for playing!!