The Bike Circus runs a supervised workshop space with the tools, parts, and expertise for bike repair. Drop-in during our  Bike Clinic to learn how to fix your bike. Membership is accessible: €20/year (€10 students/unwaged by request), or €5/session, and gives you access to the welcoming and professionally-equipped shop space, our friendly volunteer teachers, and broad selection of used and basic new parts. We hope to see you soon!

Bike Clinic hours are subject to change, check on our signboard or on our facebike page.


By becoming a member you gain access to our Bike Clinic program and the tools, knowledge, and friendly guidance to maintain and repair your bicycle. Additionally, becoming a member of The Bike Circus is a meaningful (and affordable) step in supporting Clonakilty’s bicycling community!

Members can:

  • Use the workshop during Bike Clinic hours to repair your own bicycles

  • Purchase used parts and bicycles

  • Store your bicycle at The Bike Circus while actively working on it

  • Enjoy the knowledge that you have supported our work in the community


We will be running regular cycling events and will send such information to all members by email, make sure we have your up-to-date address so you can join in the fun – everyone is welcome to join on the cycles, members or not. Events will be aimed at inclusivity and the Silver Bullet will always be available should anyone want to join in that cannot cycle for any reason.

To become a member please come to the yard during workshop hours or contact us on our facebike page.

Membership and Guidelines

The use of the workshop space is for Bike Circus members only

In order to provide the best experience to our members, the Bike Circus workshop space and tools are not available to the general public. Memberships must be purchased before any Bike Circus facilities are used. While members can work on projects for friends, they may not bring friends who are not members. This policy is important because space is limited and tools get worn and damaged. Tool damage and replacement is covered by membership fees. There will be a workstation with basic tools and pump available for non-members to use outside of the workshop space, in the general public area of our yard.

Using Bike Circus facilities, parts and tools for profit is not allowed

This means no building bikes or buying parts to sell to others, or charging others for work you’re doing while at the shop.

Salvaged parts are purchased by donation and by members only

In order to keep a useful collection of parts available for our members (that means you!), Bike Circus only sell salvaged / used parts to members.

Bike Circus members do their own work

Bike Circusʼs mechanics and volunteers are available to provide support, advice and explanatory instruction. The actual work is to be done by the member and not the mechanic. In conjunction with a mechanic, members are responsible for assessing their ability level relative to their project, including the time required to complete it. All bicycles must be checked over and signed off on before they can be taken out of the yard. By becoming a member you agree that your presence at any event or at the workshop is at your own rish and you will practice care and caution.

Volunteers advise within the limits of their individual abilities

Volunteers are of varying skill levels and defer to the Head Mechanic or simply decline guidance on any area in which they are not experienced. This means that the Bike Circus may not have the tools, parts or experience to help you with your project. There is a great for-profit bike shops in town (MTM Cycles) that will definitely be able to help you if we’re all at a loss!

Keep a functional and safe workshop

All members and volunteers are expected to return tools to their proper locations and clean up after themselves and others, as necessary.

Bicycles may be stored for free at the Bike Circus for a period of one week

Every subsequent week, bikes left unattended will be stored for a fee of €5 per week. All ongoing projects must be clearly labelled with a name, date and phone number. Bikes left unattended after three months will be considered property of the Bike Circus and will probably vanish into the void.

Discriminatory / anti – social behaviour is not tolerated

The Bike Circus maintains an inclusive, nonthreatening environment for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, ability, etc. Individuals behaving in rude, discriminatory or disruptive ways will be asked to leave.